When You Walked Back into My Life

Flora was devastated when the love of her life, Fin, leaves her suddenly and without a word. Over the next three years she slowly starts to build a new life, but is still unable to trust herself when it comes to relationships. Then Fin comes back, as unexpectedly as he left. She’s furious, terrified of trusting him again, but their connection is too strong… and she still loves him. They begin to pick up where they left off, but can it work? Will it last…?

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This novel is a good yarn with a dilemma you’ll be talking about long after you’ve finished the book”

Candis Book of the Month

Love, forgiveness and second chances are all touched upon in this compelling, romantic story”


I absolutely loved it, I was hooked from page one. Yes it’s obvious from early on what is going to happen but I didn’t care at all. I just loved Flora, Dorothea, Simon, Mary and Bel


Published by Quercus 2013