Hilary Boyd best selling author

Hilary Boyd, Best Selling Romance Author

Hilary Boyd is a bestselling author of romance novels. Aged 62, she opened her computer one day to find her love story, Thursdays in the Park, catapulted to the top of the Amazon bestseller charts – where it stayed for 6 weeks…

New Release

The Escape By Hilary Boyd

The Escape

Hilary Boyd, Penguin Books

Hilary Boyd is back in her most gripping novel yet which follows one woman’s escape from a life of control to find her own voice again

Bel Carnegie’s life is not perfect.

Still recovering from her ex-partner’s betrayal she moves in with her narcissistic father in the family flat in Earl’s Court.
But when she learns that her late mother’s run-down cottage in Cornwall has been hers for all these years, she swaps the sweltering city for a summer on the beautiful Cornish coast. She finds that the sea, sunshine and new friends help heal her damaged heart.

But Bel soon learns that you can’t run from the past and it isn’t long before it comes knocking once more . . .


“Boyd rebuffs any comparison with Fifty Shades of Grey. She insists her second novel, Tangled Lives, which came out in August, has very little sex. But she is just finishing her third, Straight to the Heart, about a middle-aged nurse…”

Robert McCrum

Associate Editor of the Observer, Guardian

Hilary Boyd and Don Boyd

About Hilary Boyd

If you’d have told me, even ten years ago, that I would be a bestselling novelist with my work translated into 23 languages, I would have laughed in your face. I absolutely love what I do. And I believe with all my heart, as my books show, that romantic love can strike, at any age.


Q&A With Hilary Boyd

Talking about myself in print is something I’d never done, until I became a published novelist. It was scary. What should I tell, how much, how personal? Would anyone really care what went on in my life – be gripped, for example, that I like a boiled egg for breakfast?