Hilary Boyd, Best Selling Romance Author

Hilary Boyd is a bestselling author of romance novels. Aged 62, she opened her computer one day to find her love story, Thursdays in the Park, catapulted to the top of the Amazon bestseller charts – where it stayed for 6 weeks…

New Release

The Lie by Hilary Boyd

The Lie

Hilary Boyd, Penguin Books

I just thought you should know who you’re married to…

Romy and Michael had it all. 30 years of marriage, two wonderful sons and a beautiful home.

Until a letter arrives containing a shocking accusation, and everything falls apart.

Fleeing to an idyllic countryside village to find time to think, Romy finds herself drawn to Finch, a handsome stranger with a tragic past. Is this a chance to start again?

Reader’s reviews:

“Full of conflict with many twists and turns”

“A beautifully written and tense family drama

Totally engrossing

A brilliant page-turner


“Boyd rebuffs any comparison with Fifty Shades of Grey. She insists her second novel, Tangled Lives, which came out in August, has very little sex. But she is just finishing her third, Straight to the Heart, about a middle-aged nurse…”

Robert McCrum

Associate Editor of the Observer, Guardian

About Hilary Boyd

About Hilary Boyd

I’d been writing novels for years – all rejected by the publishers – until I reached 60. Which was a total shock. Me… A Senior Citizen? Surely it was too late now to be a published novelist. The breakthrough moment came in the park with my gorgeous grandchild…”

Q&A With Hilary Boyd

Q&A With Hilary Boyd

Q&A With Hilary Boyd "Talking about myself in print is something I’d never done, until I became a published novelist. It was scary. What should I tell, how much, how personal? Would anyone really care what went on in my life – be gripped, for example, that I like...


General Incompetence: Series 2

General Incompetence: Series 2

Modelling’, now there’s a word to conjure with. Call me old-fashioned, but didn’t it used to mean beautiful people sashaying up and down a catwalk, or small toddlers mashing plasticine into what is supposed to be a cat or a frog? But those days are long gone.

Old? Moi?

Old? Moi?

Getting older (note, older, not old, pls) is a royal pain. Although better than the alternative, perhaps. Much of it is a confidence thing. Some a physical thing. Or a memory thing.

To sleep… no chance to dream

To sleep… no chance to dream

My trusty little alarm clock sits idle. Gone are the days when our schedule frequently required us to be up and doing, catching trains or going places. Even getting up a bit earlier for a much-needed appointment to fix something – hair, muscles, eyes, car – seems a bit extreme..